All in chronological order. Nothing on the Militia Act of 1792 or Judge Sutton’s concurrence, but I did run across a Wickard hater! Scroll over pics for date and time.

I think this is a Boehner portrait!

“We LOVE Obamacare!” (March 26, 8:28 A.M.)

March 26, 10:43 A.M.:

“…we can be Communists together, thank you!!” (March 26, 11:50 A.M.)

March 26, 11:52 A.M.:

March 26, 12:19 P.M., a few minutes before Rick Santorum stepped out of his vehicle:

“What are we protecting? Health ca—THE CONSTITUTION!! When do we protect it? NOW!!” (March 26, 12:20 P.M.)

“Protect our care, protect the law!” (March 26, 12:21 P.M.)

“The ACA is here to stay!” (March 26, 12:22 P.M.)

Santorum speaks, but he can’t be heard over “health care is a right!” chanting. (March 26, 12:28 P.M.)

Tuesday’s items begin here.

Here’s what I saw after exiting the Court on Tuesday (March 27, 12:14 P.M.):

“Hey hey! Ho ho! Obamacare has got to go!” (March 27, 12:18 P.M.)

“Ho ho! Hey hey! Obamacare is here to stay!” Anti-ACA demonstrator to my right: “I can groove to that!” (March 27, 12:31 P.M.)