Ever since I launched the site in August, I’ve tried to contextualize all of the documents I’ve blogged about. This has been a fantastic learning experience for me, but I haven’t been able to upload as many images as I’d hoped to by now, and I’d like to spend more time on other pursuits. I just wouldn’t be able to share all of my pictorial souvenirs at this rate. And I know it’s the photos my visitors really want.

I’ve decided to do things a bit differently. I’ll first upload all of the rest of the my Archives photos, with no introduction or commentary. Then I’ll very gradually supply background information for the pictures I’ve already posted. The accompanying text is usually my own distillation of stuff that’s already out there, so I don’t feel it’s too essential a service.

I’ll continue to categorize my uploads properly, title them methodically, and archive them in the List of Previous Posts. If you’re looking specifically for documents related to a certain person or nominations to a particular office, your best bet will be to search for the relevant item (e.g., “Lincoln,” “Supreme Court,” “Secretary of State”) in the List of Previous Posts (which will soon undergo a healthy expansion).

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the content!