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This next document isn’t something I saw at the Archives. It was actually in my possession for a few months before I sold it so I could afford to travel on the weekends when I studied abroad.

I knew Woodrow Wilson had literary tendencies, but I wasn’t aware there were any surviving examples of his poetry. Here are some “Lines by Prof. Woodrow Wilson, of Princeton College, on reverse side of Souvenir presented to A.F. Nightingale, Saturday Evening, Sept. 5, 1896.” The occasion was a journey “ON BOARD STEAMSHIP ANCHORIA, From Glasgow to New York, August 27 to September 7, 1896.”

The man who was never daunted
By summons to regale,
Nor yielded up nor fainted,
Our lusty Nightingale.

What though the good ship was pitching
And straining at every sail,
He held his own unshaken,
Our doughty Nightingale.

All praise to the stout retainer,
So self-contained and hale,
Who kept his faith with nature,
Our wholesome Nightingale.

Here are some pictures (I apologize for the quality):

A regular Google search won’t turn up anything. But the poem fortunately found its way into Volume 9 of The Papers of Woodrow Wilson, edited by Arthur Stanley Link. Click here for a photo of the SS Anchoria.