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(Someone may eventually consider these photographs historic, so I’ll post them here!)

I arrived at the sidewalk around 3 P.M.:

Went inside the Court to see the first-floor exhibits, came back at 3:30. Sat by myself for seven profitable hours.

My first companion arrived around 10:30. There were five of us by 1 A.M. or so. Several more trickled in via cab rides throughout the early morning. The real stampede began when Metro began operating at 5 A.M. These were taken just after sunrise:

On the plaza, after the first fifty received tickets:

My precious:






Preparing to descend those magical steps after the second argument concluded:

2-4 discourse on the elements:


A random observation: Michael Dreeben has now appeared before the Court in Jones v. United States (2000) and United States v. Jones as counsel for the government.

Edit: I created mp3 parodies of both advocates’ arguments.